a dean winchester fanmix. [ x | x ]

always alright | alabama shakes

well, i don’t care
can’t pay attention
and i don’t give a damn about your intentions at all

bad company | bad company

i was born six-gun in my hand
behind a gun, i make my final stand
that’s why they call me bad company
and i can’t deny
bad company until the day I die

old number seven | the devil makes three

i guess i grew up on an old dirt road
pedal to the metal, always did what i was told
'til i found out that my brand new clothes
came second hand from the rich kids next door
i guess i grew up fast, i guess i grew up mean
there’s a thousand things inside my head i wish i ain’t seen
and now i’m just wandering through a real bad dream
feelin’ like i’m coming apart at the seams

ramblin’ man | the allman brothers band

lord, i was born a rambling man
trying to make a living and doing the best i can
and when it’s time for leaving, i hope you understand
that i was born a rambling man

battle born | the killers

when they break your heart
when they cause your soul to mourn
remember what i said
boy you was battle born

'65 mustang | five for fighting

every mile’s another song
and what i don’t remember, she never forgets
that little girl ain’t let me down yet
it all comes back to me when i turn that horse’s key

colorblind | counting crows

i am covered in skin
no one gets to come in
pull me out from inside
i am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding
i am colorblind

shake me down | cage the elephant

shake me down
not a lot of people left around
who knows now
softly laying on the ground
not a lot of people left around

bones | the killers

a cinematic vision ensued
like the holiest dream
there’s someone calling
an angel whispers my name
but the message relayed is the same:
"wait ‘til tomorrow, you’ll be fine"
but it’s gone to the dogs in my mind
i always hear them when the dead of night
comes calling to save me from this fight

breaking down | florence + the machine

all alone
even when i was a child
i’ve always known
there was something to be frightened of

american slang | gaslight anthem

and they cut me to ribbons and taught me to drive
i got your name tattooed inside of my arm
and i called for my father but my father had died
while you told me fortunes in american slang

road to heaven | five for fighting

if there was a road to heaven
made of gold or made of clay
would the angels wave me up the hill
or in my mirror just fade away

underdog | imagine dragons

hey, that sounds like my luck
i get the short end of it
oh, i love to be
i love to be the underdog

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